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Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

Magnificent heavenly display - when the sun and the moon play hide & seek, and it was the Sun's turn today to assume the shape of a crescent

Solar Eclipse - 21 August 2017 - Mississauga, Canada.
 Camera: Canon ~ Shot with green filter.
 Time: 14:12:59, Mode: Manual, ISO 80, Exp. f5.6, @1/1600 sec.
 ~ © Photo by Tony Fernandes.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Goan 'Confro' - the Sanna Maker

Goan 'Confro'
The Sanna Maker

A traditional rice-cake steamer - a clever invention of our ancestors. Made from copper and hammer-finished by Goan coppersmiths with a tight-fitting lid, two handles on the main pot and handle for the lid. Available in shops in all major towns. The indent around the middle of the lower half holds a tin shelf with holes that let the steam from the water in the reservoir to pass through and steam cook several rice cakes all at once that are placed in small tin saucers on the tray.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Goan Balcao (Balcony)

Goan Balcão (balcony)
A place for everyone and everything

One of the prime features of a Goan house is a Balcão (Portuguese) or balcony. In the summer months one could spend more time in the balcão than inside the house. Balcões (plural in Port.) are constructed in different shapes and sizes. Some have stone/red cement benches with reclining rests to rest on, while others have wooden benches. It is a place for everyone, everything and every occasion - a place for serious or idle conversation, for local gossip, a place to rest after a long journey before entering the house, to enjoy afternoon tea, for a thirsty stranger asking for a glass of water, for the spill-over of late comers at a sung litany or for a impromptu singing session of the Goan mando (folk songs). In the old days of the 1960's we brought the portable transistor out and placed it on the cement bench, and neighbours came over to listen to the popular evening English request program broadcast by Radio Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and All India Radio Goa.

When we were young, sometimes on rainy days of the monsoon season, the village boys and girls could not play outdoors after school in the evenings. So, we played carrom, draughts, games of cards, ludo, and at times, one of village elders would relate stories in the balcony of his house about his good old days. To hear him relate old stories was a pleassure. He regaled us with colourful accounts of his younger days and other short stories of wit and humour. It was getting dark as he still went on. It was dusk, and as we heard the chimes of the Angelus bell of our village chapel, we would all rise as he recited the Angelus prayer at the end of which everyone wished him 'Boa Noite' (Good Night) before we walked to our individual homes.